Services to Companies

We are happy to support growing companies wishing to expand their business in the FRY Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Turkey and Albania. While our office in UK focuses mainly in facilitating exports of your products to UK and gradually supports you to establishing your presence in UK.

We will work with you at every stage of the market entry process. We suggest a careful market evaluation for your products or services, planning and preparation. We aim to simplify the process of setting up your company and start the sales process. We will provide you with local know how to facilitate the greatest chances of success.

We aim to customise our support for Clients as everyone company is different and have specific needs without having to cost you the earth. Our aim is to work with you and use our knowledge to deliver your objectives and keep costs under control and minimise risks. That is why we put strong emphasis on preplanning and market analyses as the first most important stage of market entry. Once we have mapped the opportunities, identified the market size, the risks, the human resources required then we will calculate the market potentials and select the appropriate entry route.

Many companies request our support to implement the strategy and get the business to start generating revenues. We are happy to join you on implementing the development plan and see your investment returns. We offer a variety of services to suite your needs, such as sales plan, temporary and permanent office, recruiting, meeting prospective customers, partners and suppliers. More important we will be with you and review the sales circus and adjust the business plan accordingly to help your business pass from the entry stage to a market player.

Trade Missions

We always recommend to prospective new entrance to the markets to visit it in a Trade Mission. Apart from support for businesses we also provide Trade Mission services for Governments and business organisations aiming to bring a group of companies, manly from the same sector to visit a specific country sue to the new opportunities emerging for various reasons.

We will work with you to identify the aim of the mission. We will organise a serious of meetings or a forum to suite your needs as well as create a good overall experience of the market and potentials it represents for your company.

Trade Missions vary in form due to the sector of the number of participants. We will always work with you to treat each member of the mission individually to make their Trade Mission experience unforgettable.