Residency and Citisenship services

We assist wealthy individuals and their families secure alternative residency and citizenship through a variety of investment programs.

The todays entrepreneur needs to feel free to move and settle where his/her interest of the business and family will be better served and that is why Dual or multiple citizenship offers a world of benefits.

It provides peace of mind and security when dealing with times of political instability or natural disasters.

It provides tax benefits, the best educational opportunities, greater banking privacy and visa-free travel. And most importantly, it grants you the mobility to fully attain personal freedom and a higher quality of life for you and your loved ones.

We offer a range of citizenship-by-investment programs which enable you to legally apply for citizenship and passport in another country.

Our global residence and citizenship programs portfolio consists of the following countries:

  • The UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Italy
  • Ukraine
  • Albania, FRY Macedonia, Kosovo

Let us assist you to achieve the best for your family, secure your business and freedom of mobility.