Our company

International Progress Consulting

is a small company with a great network of consultants in FRY Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Turkey and offices in UK and Albania catering for all your needs of entering in a new market.

We make the process understandable and bring clarity to you as we understand the local culture, language, behaviour the business regulation and practices. IPC is your ideal partner if you looking to expand in any of these markets.

We can help you:

The company understands that business needs support to cut through the nonsense of a new market and deliver commercial success.
That is why well executed research is the fundamental milestone on market entry strategy and it means the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive business environment. Still, time after time, we see companies totally neglecting this important process of business development process.

Investing in research and expert advice helps to reduce uncertainties in your business decisions and supports the strategy and project implementation in any market by in some particular ones it is a must.