Market Intelligence
perform in-depth market research and analysis to help guide market entry strategy and decision making
Business Development
identification of potential customers, creating new contacts, searching for distribution channels and partners, and introduction to third-party service providers
Site Selection
assist in selecting the most appropriate location for your international expansion project
Company Formation
establishing a legal entity, setting up a local office, and assistance hiring local staff.
Marketing & Promotion
providing ongoing marketing communications and public relations support to help strengthen your company's brand and positioning
Let us guide you through the complicated process of expanding your business into new foreign markets.
We welcome the opportunity to partner with you.
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Our portfolio services

March 19, 2017

Services to Companies

We are happy to support growing companies wishing to expand their business in the FRY Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Turkey and Albania. […]
March 19, 2017

Residency and citisenship in uk

We have many years of experience supporting investors wishing to remain in or move to the UK under the Investor program. We provide our clients with […]
March 19, 2017

Residency and Citisenship services

We assist wealthy individuals and their families secure alternative residency and citizenship through a variety of investment programs. The todays entrepreneur needs to feel free to […]

International Progress Consulting: From Ambition to Success

We are a small company with a great network of consultants

in FRY Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro,
Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Turkey

and offices in UK and Albania catering for all your needs of entering in a new market.

We make the process understandable and bring clarity to you as we understand the local culture, language, behaviour the business regulation and practices.
IPC is your ideal partner if you looking to expand in any of these markets.

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